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Future Support Project, Vol.8

Musical "Night Picnic"

September 17 (Sat.), 2016, to September 25 (Sun.), 2016

[All seats reserved][All seats reserved]S¥5,000 A¥4,000 B¥3,500 U-25(For the person under 25 years old / Seat S)¥2,500

Original work written by: Riku Onda (b. 1964), "Night Picnic" (Shinchosha)
Script by: Chikae Takahashi
Directed by: Kenta Fukasaku
Music composed by: Kento Ohgiya
Performed by: Yu Kikkawa (from Ibaraki Prefecture), Miyuki Tsurugi, and others chosen by audition


Introduction to Traditional Performing Arts (Rakugo)

Solo Performance by Rakugo Artist Shota Shunputei

September 1 (Thu.), 2016  

[All seats reserved][All seats reserved]S¥3,500 A¥3,000 B¥2,500

Performed by: Rakugo Artist Shota Shunputei


48th Mito City Arts Festival

Theater Festival

  August 19 (Fri.), 2016  20 (Sat.),   21 (Sun.),   26 (Fri.),   27 (Sat.),   28 (Sun.),   

[Free Seating]Admission varies depending on each performance.

Over a period of two weeks, various dance and dramatic troupes from Mito City put on performances that highlight their unique personalities and individual idiosyncrasies.

Performers:Dance troupe "Umareru", Professional Foul, Ibaraki University Drama Research Group, Drama Office'99, Drama troupe OH-NENS, etc.


End of the RAINBOW

July 30 (Sat.), 2016

[All seats reserved][All seats reserved]S¥6,000 A¥5,000 B¥3,500

Playwright: Peter Quilter (U.K.)
Directed by: Ikko Ueda
Performed by: Mao Ayabuki, Ryosei Konishi, Souma Suzuki, Ken'ichiro Teramoto


Future Support Project Vol.7

Muriyari Doctor

You're Forcing Me to Be a Doctor!?

July 16 (Sat.), 2016, to July 18 (Mon.), 2016

[All seats reserved][All seats reserved]S¥3,000 A¥2,500 B¥2,000 U-25(For the person under 25 years old / Seat S)¥2,500

Original work: Moliere (1622-73, France)
Adapted and directed by: Ritsuo Toshima
Performed by: Takuji Kobayashi, Gekidan ACM, Ken'ichi Kawasaki, Marino (Mito's local "idol"), et al.


48th Mito City Art Festival

Ballet Festival

July 3 (Sun.), 2016

[All seats reserved]Admission 500yen for each performance
Tickets on sale date:June 3(Fri)2016

Performers: Shion Ballet, Mizuho Ballet Atelir

A recital by local children—ranging in age from kindergarteners to high school students—currently taking ballet lessons. You will be guaranteed an enthusiastic performance.

Starting at 14:00 (Opening door at 13:30)


48th Mito Art Festival

Noh Song and Dance Performance

June 26 (Sun.), 2016

[Free Seating]Admission free

Dancers: Representatives of the Kanze School, Komparu School, Hosho School, etc.

A Noh stage will be installed in the ACM Theatre, with each of the representative Noh schools performing simple songs (utai) without hayashi accompaniment or shimai dancing, along with songs sung by one person (dokugin), songs sung by two or more people (rengin), and shimai dancing, as well as Japanese hand drums (tsuzumi) and bamboo flutes (fue).

Starting at 10:00 (Opening door at 9:45)


48th Mito City Art Festival

Concert of Three Traditional Japanese String Instruments by Different Schools

June 12 (Sun.), 2016

[Free Seating]Admission free

Performers: Representatives of Ikuta-ryu, Yamada-ryu, Kinko-ryu, Tozan-ryu, Shin-Tozan-ryu

A concert by performers of the koto, shakuhachi and shamisen. The pieces in the program will cross several genres, including both combined performances by traditional troupes and contemporary songs arranged for traditional Japanese instruments.

Starting at 13:00 (Opening door at 12:30)


Introduction to Traditional Performing Arts (Rakugo)

Yanagiya Rakugo Sannin-kai

(Three-person Meeting)

June 4 (Sat.), 2016  

[All seats reserved][All seats reserved]S¥3,500 A¥3,000 B¥2,500

Performed by: Yanagiya Sankyo, Yanagiya Kyotaro, Yanagiya Sansuke, et al.


Yuu-kun and Mat-san

The Spider Police Story

May 3 (Tue.), 2016, to May 8 (Sun.), 2016

[All seats reserved][All seats reserved]Child¥1,000 Adult¥2,000

Play by: Ayuko Akiyama, "The Spider Police Story"
Performed by: Yu-kun & Matt-san (Yuusuke Kobayashi & Matomo Ouchi), Rie Horiguchi, Sohei Ueda, Tomoyuki Matayoshi


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