48th Mito City Arts Festival

Theater Festival

  August 19 (Fri.), 2016  20 (Sat.),   21 (Sun.),   26 (Fri.),   27 (Sat.),   28 (Sun.),   

[Free Seating]Admission varies depending on each performance.

Over a period of two weeks, various dance and dramatic troupes from Mito City put on performances that highlight their unique personalities and individual idiosyncrasies.

Performers:Dance troupe "Umareru", Professional Foul, Ibaraki University Drama Research Group, Drama Office'99, Drama troupe OH-NENS, etc.


Sold out
Introduction to Traditional Performing Arts (Rakugo)

Solo Performance by Rakugo Artist Shota Shunputei

September 1 (Thu.), 2016  

[All seats reserved][All seats reserved]S¥3,500 A¥3,000 B¥2,500

Performed by: Rakugo Artist Shota Shunputei


Sold out
Future Support Project, Vol.8

Musical "Night Picnic"

September 17 (Sat.), 2016, to September 25 (Sun.), 2016

[All seats reserved][All seats reserved]S¥5,000 A¥4,000 B¥3,500 U-25(For the person under 25 years old / Seat S)¥2,500

Original work written by: Riku Onda (b. 1964), "Night Picnic" (Shinchosha)
Script by: Chikae Takahashi
Directed by: Kenta Fukasaku
Music composed by: Kento Ohgiya
Performed by: Yu Kikkawa (from Ibaraki Prefecture), Miyuki Tsurugi, and others chosen by audition




October 1 (Sat.), 2016, to October 2 (Sun.), 2016

[All seats reserved][All seats reserved]S¥6,500 A¥5,500 B¥3,500

Original work by: Nicholas Wright (b. 1940, South Africa)
Directed by: Shintaro Mori
Performed by: Mikijiro Hira, Yosuke Asari, Yo Takahashi, Masahiro Usui, Osamu Fujiki, Atsushi Hashimoto, Osamu Kao



Women in Stories Series

Waltz with the White Dog

I am the White Dog

October 15 (Sat.), 2016  

[All seats reserved][All seats reserved]S¥4,500 A¥4,000 B¥3,500

Based on novel by: Terry Kay (b. 1938, USA), "To Dance With the White Dog" (1990)
Stage adaptation by: Hiroshi Sasabe
Directed by: Hitoshi Uyama
Performed by: Mitsuko Kusabue (b. 1933)



Ano ogarasu, saemo

"The Large Crow (Glass), Even" or "Duchamp's Glass"

October 22 (Sat.), 2016, to October 23 (Sun.), 2016

[All seats reserved][All seats reserved]S¥6,000 A¥5,000 B¥3,500

Written by: Juichiro Takeuchi (b. 1947)
Directed by: Shuji Onodera (b. 1966)
Performed by: Satomi Kobayashi (b. 1965), Hairi Katagiri (b. 1963), Momoko Fujita



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