ATM Plaza and Others

Events in ATM Plaza

1st and 2nd Saturdays every month (only 2nd Saturday in January)  9:00a.m to 2:00p.m.

Shiki no Hiroba (Four Seasons Plaza)

shikiA corner of the ATM Plaza is set aside twice a month for a farmers' market, with Mito farmers directly selling agricultural products grown on their farms in town. As a venue of a personal contact, the market is a pleasurable way for people to converse directly with the farmers and to enjoy buying their products, particularly vegetables.

4th Saturdays in April, May, June, October, November  12:00p.m. to 3:00p.m.

Art Tower Market

marketA flea market primarily offering recycled goods and hand-made crafts by amateur artists. You will find the site crammed with plenty of elaborate art objects on sale.

4th Fridays in April through October (except July and August)  12:15p.m. to 12:55p.m.

Ibaraki Prefecture Police Musical Band Friday Concert

fridaySix times a year, a brass band concert is held in the ATM Plaza on the third or fourth Friday of the month by the Ibaraki Prefectural Police Band. Their broad repertoire spans from classical music to pops and folk music, and their playing can be casually enjoyed by young and old alike.

May 31 (Sat), 2014

Candle Night of One Million People

On the summer solstice, or midsummer's night, lights are turned off across the world and people light candles in their hands, in what is known as the "Candle Night of One Million People." This event at ATM is held in coordination with that worldwide event, with candles lighting up the Plaza and the outer hallways of the facilities.

July 19 (Sat), 2014

Goken Summer Night Concert & Fureai (heart warming) Festival

A summer musical festival in the Goken district of Mito City, the part of town where Art Tower Mito (ATM) is situated. All sorts of musical groups will perform on stage, including choirs made up of kindergarteners, grade school pupils, junior high students, high school students, and adults, respectively, along with special groups for the preservation of traditional performing arts.

July 7 (Sat), 2014

12th Mito Design Project

Competition of publicly-presented works by students from culture design academies.

* Canceled due to bad weather

August 2-3 (Sat-Sun), 2014

Mito Komon Festival: Summer Dream Music

Various musical groups will perform pops and jazz numbers on the ATM Plaza stage.

September 20-21 (Sat-Sun), 2014

Open-air Crafts Market: Autumn in Mito

People who love making things and fans of handicrafts will come together at the crafts market in the ATM Plaza to display and sell T-shirts. There will also be such events as live acoustic performances and live painting.

Organizer: Mito Design Festival Planning Committee

October 18 (Sat), 2014

Ibaraki Teas: Hang in There!
-Big Tasting Event Matching the Best Teas and Sweets from Ibaraki

Ibaraki teas may not be so well-known, but they sure are delicious! There are three major brands to be introduced: Oku-kuji (green and black teas), Sashima (green and black teas), and Furu-uchi (green and roasted green teas). Also presented for your tasting pleasure are sweets, made in Ibaraki, that go well with tea. They include sweets made from apples, burdock root, lotus root, peanuts, and chestnuts. The All-Ibaraki tasting event helps support the local farmers and planters who have suffered in the recent earthquake and nuclear plant disasters.

December 2014 to January 2015

'14ATMSF (Art Tower Mito Starlight Fantasy)

The building and tower of Art Tower Mito (ATM) will be specially illuminated for this festival, with various events for citizen to take part in. On December 1 there will be a lighting ceremony, and a countdown to the New Year will take place starting on December 31 toward January 1. Various other citizen-designed events will also take place.

December 14 (Sun), 2014

Beethoven's 9th Symphony Sung by 300 Musicians, 2014

Note: Refer to the description in the Music division above for details.

January 11 (Sun), 2015

2014 Mito City Coming-of-Age Day Ceremony

In Japan, young people who turn 20 in a given year are welcomed into adulthood by official coming-of-age ceremonies in January. The event in ATM Plaza is organized by a ceremony planning committee made up of the young people themselves, with several commemorative functions carried out to mark and celebrate the new chapter in their lives.

Other Scheduled Events

July 2, 2014 (Wed) to July 15, 2014(Tue) / ATM Entrance Hall

Exhibition of Winning Photographs 67th Photography Contest for the Mito Plum Festival

An exhibition of contest-winning photographs taken of beautiful scenes and busy events taking place at Mito's Kairakuen and Kodokukan Parks during the annual Mito Plum Festival.

September 17 (Wed) to 28 (Sun), 2014 / ATM Entrance Hall

46th Flower Picture Competition: Showing of Artworks

An exhibition of artworks submitted by the public in the 46th Flower Picture Competition, which is part of the "Flowers Everywhere" movement sponsored mainly by the Council for the Promotion of Good Living and Town Building in Mito City. More than 300 wonderful paintings and drawings will be put on display, drawn by children and youth from local nursery schools, day-care centers, kindergartens, elementary schools and junior high schools.

Organizers: Council for the Promotion of Good Living and Town Building in Mito City

September 20 (Sat) ,21(Sun),23 (Tues, Autumnal Equinox National Holiday),2014 / ACM Theatre

18th Mito Short Film Festival´╝ő29th Mito Film Festival

The 18th Mito Short Film Festival exclusively features short films. Works to be shown will include those chosen through public competition as well as specially-invited ones, with lectures and talk also given. In addition, in the 29th Mito Film Festival, noteworthy films from recent years will be screened that most people rarely get the chance to see.

Organizers: Cinema Punch (nonprofit), Mito Film Festival Executive Board

September 28(Sun), 2014 / ACM Theatre, ATM Entrance Hall

15th Mito City Local and Folk Performing Arts Gathering

A demonstration concert presented by several Mito organizations that are devoted to the study of traditional performing arts handed down from antiquity.

Organizers: Mito City, Mito City Board of Education, Mito City Council of Folk Performing Arts Groups

October 2014 / ATM Entrance Hall

Exhibition of 2014-15 Family Day Pictures, Posters, and Essays

The 3rd Monday of every month is celebrated in Mito as "Family Day." This exhibition features paintings, posters, and essays promoting that day as well as the building of happy families in general.

Organizers: Mito Daini Junior High School District Youth Cultivation Group, Mito Daini Junior High School District and Family Committee

October 2014/ ATM Entrance Hall

Exhibition of Children's Sketches from 47th Mito Hagi (Bush Clover) Festival

An exhibition, part of the Mito Hagi Festival, of drawings of bush clovers (hagi in Japanese) submitted by children and youth from local nursery schools, day-care centers, kindergartens, elementary schools and junior high schools in the city.

Organizers: Mito City, Mito Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mito Tourism Association
January 15, 2015 (Thu) to January 18, 2015 (Sun)  / ATM Entrance Hall

38th Exhibition of Children's Artworks from Sister Cities of Mito and Takamatsu

To encourage exchanges between Mito and Takamatsu, an exhibition will be made of artworks drawn by schoolchildren of the two cities.

February 21,22(Sat-Sun), 2015  / ACM Theatre

2014-15 Project to Promote Appreciation of Excellent Movies
"I Love Japanese Movies 2015"

Two classic movies will be screened over a two-day period to broaden the audience for Japanese film.

Organizers: Mito City, Mito City Board of Education, Cinema Punch (nonprofit)

Late February 2015 to Early March 2015 / Entrance Hall

Exhibition of Children's Drawings from '14 ATM Starlight Fantasy 

An exhibit of drawings by sixth graders depicting the illumination of Art Tower Mito (ATM) during the Starlight Fantasy festivities.

Organizer: Art Tower Mito Starlight Fantasy Executive Board

February 2015 / Concert Hall ATM

13th Otebashi Plum Concert

A joint concert will be performed by bands and other groups from the Mito City Daini Junior High School and the Sannomaru, Goken, Yanakawa Elementary Schools.

Organizer: Otebashi Plum Concert Executive Board

January to March 2015  / Concert Hall ATM

Elementary & Junior High Brass Band Concert
-- Celebrating Their Excellent Performance in National Contests --

A concert given by brass bands and other ensembles from local grade schools and junior high schools that have competed and placed well in national wind-instrument competitions.

November 27 (Sun) / ACM Theatre, ATM Entrance Hall

Concert of Local Elementary and Junior High School Musical Ensembles Placing in National Championships

A concert by local brass bands and other ensembles in commemoration of their strong placement in national wind instrument competitions.

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