Art Tower Mito Light-up Project

October 29 (Sat.), 2016, to March 31 (Wed.), 2021


Last year the curtain was drawn on the Art Tower Mito Starlight Fantasy project, which had been a staple of the Mito winter scene for two decades. Instead, the new Art Tower Mito Light-up Project will start this autumn.

The new project will thrust a vivid artwork of light upon Art Tower Mito's symbolic tower and the cascade fountain in the ATM Plaza, allowing them to present differing expressions depending on the season and the time of day.

◆Preliminary Illumination: Oct. 19, 2016 (Wed) 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.
 -- An opportunity to view the entire lighting ahead of the Oct. 29 illumination ceremony.

◆Illumination Ceremony: Oct. 29, 2016 (Sat) 5:30-5:50 p.m., ATM Plaza
 -- Actual illumination begins at 5:45 p.m., with eco-balloons released into the sky.

◆Period of illumination: Throughout the year, starting on Oct. 29, 2016 (Sat)
-- At nighttime when the Art Tower Mito is open, and over the New Year's holiday season.

Times of illumination: 5:00-10:00 p.m. (later in the summer depending on time of sunset)

Design and supervision: Takuro Osaka (Specially Appointed Professor, University of Tsukuba)
Implementing organization: Mito Arts Foundation
Financial aid: Regional Creativity Acceleration Subsidy
Cooperation: Adastria Co., Ltd.

Design and supervision: Takuro Osaka (Specially Appointed Professor, University of Tsukuba)

Born in Tokyo in 1948, Osaka is a pioneer in Japanese "light art." He incorporates outer space into his works, the most important of which are Cosmic Ray Series starting in 1995, converting signals from cosmic rays into blue LED light, as well as the Luna Project featured in the Echigo Tsumari Art Triennial 2000 festival, in which eighteen giant mirrors installed on terraced fields captured reflected moonlight during a total lunar eclipse. Between 2008 and 2011, he was in charge of an artistic experiment carried out by JAXA(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) in zero gravity on the ISS(International Space Station). His works have appeared in exhibitions in Japan and around the world. Currently, his work is permanently displayed at the Ohta City Office of Tokyo, the Kobe Shimbun headquarters, the Kawaguchi City SKIPCITY Visual Plaza, and the Ryogoku Bridge in Tokushima City, among other places. His many prizes include the L'Oréal Grand Prize of 1998, the NDF 1998 METI Minister’s Prize, the MES Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) of North America Prize in 2006 and 2011, and the Good Design Award in 2008 and 2009. Currently he is a specially-appointed professor at Tsukuba University and an honorary member of the Institute of Environmental Art and Design.

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