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10/19(Wed.)/2016ConcertMito Community Band The 39th Regular Concert
10/19(Wed.)/2016OthersArt Tower Mito Light-up Project
10/14(Fri.)/2016GalleryNaoki Ishikawa Capturing the Map of Light on This Planet
10/9(Sun.)/2016ConcertHisako Kawamura Chopin Project vol.4
10/6(Thu.)/2016ConcertMito Chamber Orchestra 98th Regular Concert
9/1(Thu.)/2016ConcertChristmas Present Concert 2016
8/17(Wed.)/2016ConcertOrgan Promenade Concert
8/13(Sat.)/2016ConcertHaruko Kido Cello Recital
7/9(Sat.)/2016ConcertEriko Nagata Piano Recital
6/30(Thu.)/2016Gallery“kodomo korabo rabo 2016”
6/18(Sat.)/2016ConcertOrgan Promenade Concert
6/17(Fri.)/2016OthersArt Tower Market
6/17(Fri.)/2016ConcertJunior Orchestra Concert
6/15(Wed.)/2016TheatreMuriyari Doctor

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