About the organ

A organ has been installed on the second floor of the ATM Entrance Hall in the fashion of European church architecture. It was built by two Japanese men who underwent training in Germany and have received the official credentials of meister. If the movable doors of the Entrance Hall are shut, the space undergoes a radical transformation allowing the beautiful sounds of the organ to reverberate.
Free noontime or early afternoon organ concerts are given three or four times a month on weekends. to give people the chance to enjoy the timbre of the organ, one of the largest ever constructed in Japan.

Organ specifications

- Coupler: I/II III/II III/I, I/P II/P III/P
- Range: Manual keyboard--C to a3 (58 notes), Pedal keyboard--C to g1
 (32 notes)
- Tremolo: I, III, solo-pedal, adjustable speed and intensity
- Mechanical
      Key action: mechanical/electric joint stop action
      USB memory used for 8000 electronic stop memory devices/steps/reverse steps
      Tutti/stop removal/register crescendo
- No. of pipes: 46 active stops, 3,283 pipes in total
- Manual keyboard: German standard specifications, natural keys made from
- Black keys: made of rosewood capped with cow bone
- Pedal keyboard: German standard specifications, radial pedals made from oak
- Bench: adjustable height
- Organ case: made of North American white oak
- Measurements
      H 7.9m (7.2m above 2nd floor), W 7.68m, D 3.48m for main unit (3.94m
      incl. pedal keyboard)
      Tuning method: Neidhardt I (1724)
- Design and manufacture: Mana Orgelbau Co. (Japan), 1990

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