The word "criterium" comes from the Latin "criterion," which refers to a standard. The goal of ATM's Criterium series is to raise awareness about young artists currently active on the domestic scene. Many inquiries about the series are made from people both in Japan and overseas, making it serve as an important opportunity for such young artists. There is also a high level of interest from local companies and art fans, whose support helps to keep the program going.

Organizer: Mito Arts Foundation
Grant/aid: Asahi Beer Arts Foundation, local companies, interested individuals
Cooperation: Asahi Breweries, Ltd.


《i am you》2010


Yuta Hayakawa

October 27, 2018, to January 20, 2019

New works by Yuta Hayakawa (born in 1984), who creates sculptures and installations engaging with forms and phenomena generated from the nature of things that are usually overlooked.

Criterium is a series of exhibitions at Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito focusing on new works by young artists. Every Criterium exhibition is formed jointly by the artist and the curator.


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