Contemporary Art Center

gallerySince the foundation of ATM, the Contemporary Art Center, its art department, has focused on the introduction of contemporary art. Different from usual museums that give priority to collections, the Center has concentrated efforts on introducing contemporary art through exhibitions and workshops realized by the participation of artists. Accordingly, a number of site-specific exhibitions in which artists produce and install specifically for the gallery of Art Tower Mito were held. Besides large-scale solo exhibitions, the Center arranges its own projects at a pace of three-times-a-year, including group exhibitions that go along with the times and thematic exhibitions with a critical eye. In addition, “criterium,” in which young artists introduce their works in a form of small-scale solo exhibition, has been regularly held simultaneously with feature exhibitions. In short, every exhibition held at the Center is the result of the collaboration between artists and the curators who try hard to balance works with the display space, making the whole gallery complete as an expression of contemporary art. Furthermore, in recent years, networking with people in different genres has been conducted in closer cooperation with local communities to broaden chances for exhibitions outside the gallery around the city.

The features of the Center also include its unique educational programs. Since 1992, a gallery talk has been conducted with volunteers to introduce contemporary artworks from visitors’ viewpoints, as people tend to have preconceptions that contemporary art is difficult to understand. The project includes programs of different kinds such as artists’ workshops and lectures, “Gallery Tour for Parents with Babies,” and projects in cooperation with schools. In this way, the Center aims to offer as many people as possible with opportunities to enjoy contemporary art through a variety of thoughtful programs, and to convey, in a multi-faceted way, expressions and ideas of this complicated age we live in.

Facility Information

Contemporary Art Gallery, the size, is composed of nine exhibition rooms and workshop rooms, each with different unique lighting conditions. The exhibition rooms are decorated to a minimum retainer, space has become a simple and beautiful proportions. In addition to floors and walls, wood, gypsum board is used, is designed to be free to exercise the imagination of contemporary artists. In addition, the workshop room, workshop, equipped with facilities for holding and lectures.

Room: Room floor area 9: 960m2 Wall Length: 285m

art_dummy_hall01sThe Contemporary Art Gallery at the ATM is made up of nine adjacent galleries each differing in size, light conditions and proportions. As they pass through the various rooms, visitors are thus able to experience the different lighting and physical relationships each room offers, giving rise to the sense of spatial rhythm within their bodies.

So as not to interfere with the presentation of the art objects, the interior design of the gallery -- the floor, walls, and ceiling -- is muted in terms of expression and assertion.

Rooms 1 through 7 of the gallery are contiguous, and the other two rooms are separated. Visitors normally start their tour in Room 1 and end in Room 9. Room 1 features a gabled ceiling with a top light, which allows natural light to flow in; the light can be adjusted or shut out electrically with a shutter.

art_dummy_hall02sThe next room, Room 2, is artificially lit, and is only half the size of the first room. Moving on to Room 3, which lies in the center of the building, we find a pyramidal top light that lets in abundant natural light. The room is slightly bigger than the previous one, and the ceiling is quite high. Room 4 is the same shape as Room 2, while Room 5 is the same as Room 1, giving visitors a symmetrical experience to the one they had leading into Room 3.

Leaving Room 5, then, we encounter a workshop in front of us, and must turn right to enter the long and narrow Room 6, which stretches all the way to Room 1 along the exterior wall of the first five galleries. The center of Room 6 features a large glass window overlooking the ATM Plaza. Room 7 is artificially lit like Rooms 2 and 4, but is a bit more spacious in size. Room 8, which serves simultaneously as the foyer for the Concert Hall, is a bright space opening to an atrium above.

Leaving Room 8, we pass behind the pipe organ on the second floor of the entrance hall to reach Room 9, an artificially-lit small room separated from the rest on the side of the theater.

Thus ends the tour of the Contemporary Art Gallery of ATM.

art_dummy_hall03sEach exhibition space can be changed to match the works being presented, as nails can be pounded directly into the floors and walls, and pictures drawn upon them. The high level of freedom is perfect for the exhibition of contemporary art with its multitude of expressive forms.

No. of Exhibit Rooms: Nine (7 continuous, 1 foyer/exhibit room and 1 solitary room)
Total Floor Space: 960 sq. meters (10,333 sq. ft.)
Total Wall Length: 285m (935ft)
Max. Ceiling Height: 14.8m (48.5ft), Room #3 (pyramid-shaped)
Max. Wall Height: 5.4m (18ft), Room #3
Max. Room Space: 9m (30ft) by 19m (62ft), Rooms #1 and #5 3.6m (12ft) wall height

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