Resistance of Fog Fujiko Nakaya

October 27, 2018, to January 20, 2019

I think one urgent issue we currently face concerns the trust between humans and nature. As city dwellers we only trust bottled water. Tap water is too smelly to drink. The river and the sea are contaminated so we instead swim in the pool. If we distrust nature to such an extent, the only thing we can do is to keep swimming in a virtual world. Those who have been to space all talk invariously about the heightened feeling of affection towards our planet. But it would be far smarter and ecological if we could sense the same feeling within the nature of our daily lives without dressing ourselves in spacesuits and flying off to extraordinary space.
“A Responsive Scenery:Fog Sculpture” Fujiko Nakaya (Sculptor of Fog)

Nakaya’s words convey a sharp criticism towards a society conceived through developments in technology since the post-modern era, from urban environments surrounded by artificial structures to simulated experiences attained through media. Nakaya was born as the daughter of Ukichiro Nakaya who was a physicist known for his prolific writings on nature and research in glaciology and low-temperature sciences, and had created her first fog sculpture for the Pepsi Pavilion at Expo ‘70 together with Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) that promoted collaborations between art and technology. For over half a century she has continued to first-handedly engage with the worlds of art & technology as well as the fusion of the arts and sciences, which are today recognized as trending practices. As manifest in her words, Nakaya’s practice harbors a subdued yet clear sense of resistance, which in this exhibition is referred to as the “Resistance of Fog.” Through her fog sculptures and video works, the exhibition introduces the spirit of the era and presents a document of Nakaya’s activities, which like her fogs, has continued to resist the tides of the times.
*Excerpt from text first published in Journal of architecture and building science Vol. 111, May 1996

Fog Installation at the gallery

The starting time of the appreciation is every hour on the hour and the half hour from ten o’clock to five thirty. The duration of the appreciation is approx. 10min.

The door will be open 5min before each starting time of the appreciation.

Fog Sculpture at Plaza

The starting time of the appreciation is every hour on the hour and the half hour during nine thirty to seven o’clock. The duration of the appreciation is approx. 10min.

The lights designed by Takuro Osaka turn on every five o’clock.


Workshop Image

Resistance of Fog Fujiko Nakaya

NuiNui Workshop: Artworks Documenting Children’s Development

January 12, 2019

This workshop aims to create a record of children in their present stage of development. Participants are invited to sew plants onto fabric using thread measuring the same length as their children’s height. All guardians including grandparents and parents are welcome to take part.


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