human, 2012, Gallery Koyanagi, Tokyo photo: Keizo Kioku

Rei Naito: on this bright Earth I see you

July 28, 2018, to October 8, 2018

Contemporary artist Rei Naito’s work asks us “Is our existence on the Earth a blessing in itself?” Her installations have earned critical acclaim at home and abroad, distilling our existence on Earth—in which we receive inexhaustible nature, such as light, air, wind, water, and gravity, and the colors and sounds they produce—into the form of a quiet yet certain hope. To date, she has produced permanent works that respond to nature and architectural space, such as Being Given (Kinza, Naoshima, 2001) and Matrix (Teshima Art Museum, 2010), and she has also had exhibitions at historical sites including Karmeliterkloster in Frankfurt am Main (1997) and Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, Tokyo (2014).

This will be her first domestic solo exhibition since 2014, and her largest one to date. In this presentation, Naito, who has come to treat light itself as a primary source in her work, creates spaces from natural light alone for the first time. In these spaces we can gaze at “scenes of our Earth-bound existence” where light, life, and art cannot be distinguished from one another.

Naito says that one time she became aware of “the unconscious activity of those (myself) who are within Earth-bound existence stepping outside existence, taking on the gaze of the other, and gazing within existence,” and came to feel that “it seems we are being gazed at from afar, and are receiving grace.” Taking the rich natural light that changes throughout the day as its basis, this exhibition presents itself as both a site of exchange between the deceased, those who will come to be born, the flora and fauna, the spirits, and us who exist on the Earth; and as a space that makes sensible the enduring continuity maintained by the stirrings of nature and by us.



Skin-1 2017 Ceramic, wood, thread, bell
Photo: Rakutaro Ogiwara


Kanako Kitabayashi

July 28, 2018, to October 8, 2018

Kanako Kitabayashi (born in 1990), whose sculpture series Skin (2017) combines ceramics with soft materials, provoking questions of our organic existence and epidermal tactile sensations.



Weekend Gallery Talk

August 18 (Sat.), 2018, to October 7 (Sun.), 2018

VenueContemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito
*A gallery talk could be canceled for some reason. On August 25 (Sat) and September 15(Sat), 16 (Sun), no gallery talk is held due to the exhibition-related events.

Fee is included in the admission for the exhibition.

CAC (Contemporary Art Center) gallery volunteer talkers guide visitors to explore the exhibition together.


Let’s create together! "Big Big MARUIRO workshop"

September 15 (Sat.), 2018    16 (Sun.),    


VenueUpstairs of corridor, Art Tower Mito
* In case of rain: Workshop room, Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito
Lecturer: Yui Inoue (Textile artists)
Target: Anyone, toddler to senior, regardless of physical condition, can participate in this workshop.
Capacity: 10 people per hour, based on reservation.

Fee: Free

We will collect unwanted clothing, andmake a four-meter diameter mattress.


Session! - Gallery Tour with the visually impaired

September 16 (Sun.), 2018

VenueContemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito
Dates: Sunday, September 16, 2018 14:00 - 16:00
Capacity: 5 (reservation required, first-come-first-served basis) 
*For reservation, call Contemporary Art Center at 029-227-8120.

Fee: ¥1,000 (including the admission of the exhibition)

This tour, which is guided by SHIRATORI Kenji, who is blind, has been held since 2010. Formed into a pair or group of a mixture of blind or partially sighted individuals and people of normal vision, participants are invited to experience the exhibition by sharing thoughts and impression through a conversation.



Pre-school Program

September 19 (Wed.), 2018   20 (Thu.),    21 (Fri.),    26 (Wed.),    27 (Thu.),   

*Applications are based on a pre-school as a unit.
This project is a combined program of appreciation of the exhibition and production workshop designed for older children of kindergartens and nursery schools in Mito City. For more information, please contact the office.


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